Bosworth Longsword


This medieval Bosworth Longsword is from the Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry collection. The longsword was a indispensable part of the chivalric art of arms for centuries. A beautifully proportioned weapon with dynamic handling qualities, it is a harmony of mass and dimension. With a long, semi-tapered diamond cross-section fitted to a round ergonomic pommel on a double-handed grip, this is a fine example of the perfection that was achieved in this popular design. Against any opposing arms or armor it was capable of quick deadly cuts as well as accurate and forceful thrusts.

Aptly named for the bloody late 15th-century battle during the War of the Roses, the Bosworth is a fast and capable warsword adeptly able to execute the deadly “Meisterhauwen"(Mastercut) techniques so closely associated with double-handed blades of the period. With a slim handle that virtually begs to be gripped in the diverse and effective winding actions that this kind of sword ideally allowed, it features a surprisingly small heft for its size.

This “queen of weapons” is perfectly suited to foot-combat in war, judicial duel or knightly challenge. This is a substantial and graceful weapon that will leave the wielder every confidence it could readily defend life if called upon. Discover with it just why this form of longsword was respected for centuries and celebrated against whatever it encountered.

Includes a matching scabbard with a belt stop, a frog to carry the sword and a certificate of authenticity signed by the smith who forged the sword. Please note that this sword comes pre-sharpened!

Overall Length 120 cm, Blade Length 91 cm, Blade Width 4.1 cm, Weight 1.3 kg, Point of Balance 9.8 cm from the hilt. Please note that this sword comes pre-sharpened!

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