During the Renaissance there was suddenly a section of society that was not nobility and yet very wealthy, making civilian self-defense weapons increasingly commonplace. An interesting type of weapon sometimes carried during this time had a broad blade and was somewhere between a large dagger and a short sword. This weapon was known by several names but in Italy it was called a cinquedea in reference to the five-finger width of its blade. Some of these weapons were small while others were quite large. Surviving specimens can be found with blades that range considerably in length. Like many weapons during this time period, it was very common for the cinquedea to be ornate, with decorative grips, engraved blades, and even precious metals used in the hilt construction. This form of the classic wide weapon is almost short sword length and was a most effective weapon in its day. The ornate grip is of nickel and has a rich, antiqued finish and the blade has multiple fullers. Most often worn thrust through a belt. A scabbard is included.

Weight 1.1kg (2 lbs 8 oz), overall 61cm (24"), blade 46cm (18") long, 8.3cm (3 1⁄4") wide, 4.8mm (3⁄16") thick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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