Gladiator Sword


Gladiators were professional warriors, taking part in arranged battles against each other, convicted prisoners as well as wild animals in the amphitheaters across the Roman Empire. Life in the arena could be ended as swiftly as the combat. Many types of weapons were employed but few were relied on as much as a good sword. This Gladiator Sword, based on an Iberian leaf shaped sword type, is a no-nonsense weapon with a short blade capable of powerful cuts and lighting fast thrusts. Antiqued brass parts with a hardwood grip shaped for a positive grasp is married to a well-tempered high carbon steel blade. Scabbard included. Circa 37 CE.

Weight 1kg (2 lbs/4 oz), overall 60cm (23-1⁄2"), blade 43cm (17") long, 6,4cm (2-1⁄2") wide, 4,8mm (3⁄16") thick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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