Renaissance War Sword


With the increased efficiency of armor, and the consequent abandonment of the shield, two-hand weapons became increasingly popular in battle. The two-hand sword was always a favorite. Not only was it effective in battle, it looked quite impressive. Our version is a noble sword, and it looks the part. Brass was also quite popular, and we have made the guard and the pommel of brass and have antiqued it somewhat so that it looks like a well-used battle sword that any warrior worth his salt would be proud to carry. The grip is wood, covered with brown leather. The scabbard is brown leather with antiqued furniture.

Overall 125cm (49 1/4"), blade 98cm (38 ¾”) long, 4.8cm wide (1 7/8"). Weight 2kg (4 lbs 8oz). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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