Two-Handed Flamberge

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Wielded by the biggest, burliest mercenary troops of Switzerland and Germany, massive two-hand swords were used to break the opposing army's front line. Carried by selected soldiers, the two-hander would be rushed forward to break the heads off the enemy's pikes. Once the line was jumbled, its user could choke up his grip for close quarters thrusting and chopping by holding the ricasso. It became so popular that whole schools of fencing were devoted to its use. Eventually, the two-handers evolved into useless, ornate monstrosities called "bearing swords" which were carried in parades and sometimes weighed over 7kg! This classical, functional two-hander, dating from about 1500, is Swiss or German in origin. The flame blade, or "flamberge" was believed to cause more serious injuries, which wasn't true, but certainly looked fearsome all the same. Hand forged, superbly tempered blade is complemented by a grip and ricasso covered in leather.

This functional sword is an overall 1.6cm (63”), blade 1.2m (46”) long, 4.8cm (1 7/8”) wide and weighs 2.8kg (6 lbs 4 oz). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

Due to the length of this item, please contact us first if shipping outside Europe.

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