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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Personal Information

When ordering products or creating an account your personal data will be saved in the Irongate Armory customer registry. This data will only be used for customer relationship management, for example, customer identification, the payment or delivery of messages to you.

Website usage information and cookies

We may collect and process information about the use of our site. We can also obtain information from reliable third parties. This information is only statistical and cannot be used to identify a person. Using our site, your browser may store on your computer a small file called a cookie. We respect your privacy and we will do our best to ensure the confidentiality and security of your information.

Registry Information

Registry information in accordance with Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999) 10 .

Customers’ personal information is collected to customer database. Below is listed what information is collected and what this information is used for. Updated 30.03.2011

1. Register keeper

Irongate Armory / Rautaportti Ky
Oppipojankuja 1
20780 Kaarina

2. Person responsible about the registry

Ville Huhta

3. Name of the register

Customer Register

4. Purpose of the register

Register is used for customer relationship management, customer contact and for the delivery of orders. Customer information will be used for Irongate Armory’s own email marketing only with customer’s permission.

5. Information content

Customer Registry consists of several separate registers assembled together. These together form the customer information as follows:

1. Customer contact information needed for sending orders: surname, first name, street address, ZIP code, city, and other customized information. Needed information for order processing and for the delivery: customer’s telephone number and e-mail contacts.

2. Information about customers’ orders, deliveries and returns.

6. Sources of information

Customer’s information is stored when:

1) Customer creates an account or
2) makes an order.

7. Regular transfer of data from the EU or European Economic Area

No regular transfers

8. Register protection principles

Physical data is stored in locked area with access only to relevant persons. Electronic material: Data is backup copied in case of failures. The system is protected by a firewall. Employees dealing with customer data are bound by confidentiality. Information will be released only by legal obligation; such as the customer’s own request or authority’s request based in the law.

Irongate Armory has successfully delivered over 62 000 products to over 50 countries.
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