Frequently Asked Questions

Item says that it is sold out. Is this product still available?

If the product is still visible in the online shop, it’s possible (most likely) that we get more of these items in stock. Delivery times and availability often change because of reasons beyond our control. You can send us an email or use the “Ask a question about this product” -form to inquire about the availability of the item.

Do you send the swords sharpened or blunt?

All of our edged weapons are sent blunt. If the weapon is sent sharpened there is a clear statement of this in the product-info text. Only the tips of the weapons are sharp. The edges of our swords are approx. 0,3-0,8 mm thick and on the thick-edged training swords the edges are approx. 2-2.5 mm thick.

Can you sharpen the sword before sending it?

Unfortunately, due to customer safety reasons, we do not provide a sharpening service. We do not recommend you to sharpen your weapons either.

Are the swords designed to be sharpened? Will the sword stay balanced if I sharpen it?

Our swords are designed to be sharpened and will remain in balance even if you sharpen them. The edges of the blades of our swords and knives are generally quite thin and only a small amount of metal needs to be removed when sharpening. This will not spoil the sword balance. The edges are approx. 0,3-0,8 mm thick. The only exception to this rule is the thick-edged training swords that are not designed to be sharpened.

Is buying and selling swords even legal in Finland?

Before the situation was ambiguous and the law was often interpreted unfavorably for us sword lovers. In 2004 the law changed and nowadays the trade and collection of arms is accepted by the law with some exceptions listed in the law.

Can you send a parcel to a foreign address?

Yes we can. However, please note that not all items can be shipped to all countries. Different countries have different restrictions, and to check these restrictions is customer’s responsibility. Irongate Armory is not responsible for products seized by customs. Remember also that outside the EU, any duties and taxes are customer’s responsibility. Within the EU no additional taxes or duties are required. Some countries have also some package size restrictions. For example, we cannot send our longest weapons to all countries due to parcel size restrictions.

Can I use these swords in fencing/swordplay?

The originals were designed to withstand the stress of swordplay and our replicas withstand swordplay just as well. However please note that every weapon and tool requires some knowledge and skill, and without these damage to the weapon and injuries to yourself or people around you are possible. We recommend that you fence only in supervision of an instructor and let the teacher to approve all equipment fit for the purpose and style of the exercise.

I’m under 18 years old. Can I order a sword from you?

Yes you can, but only with your guardian’s approval. Before ordering any weapon you must get your guardian’s approval for the purchase. Without parental consent we can not sell any sword, knife, axe or other weapon to you. If you are under the age of 18 we cannot sell you any bows or crossbows, even with your guardian’s consent. Letter openers, clothes, armor, shields and other products can be ordered by anyone regardless of age.

Can I pick up my order from the store and thus save the shipping costs?

Yes you can. Our store address is Oppipojankuja 1, 20780 Kaarina and you can see the up-to-date opening hours from Contact Info -page. Outside of store hours your order can be picked up from the office of Holvi Self Storage, located in the same building. Holvi Self Storage is open on all working days ( Both cash and card payments are accepted at the store.

What payment options are available at the shop?

At Irongate Armory-store you can pay using cash and most common payment cards. We accept all Finnish debit cards, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maesto and Diner’s Club.

What material the swords are made of?

The blades of all edged weapons we sell are made of high carbon steel (1065/1095). Handle materials vary from product to product. For more accurate material descriptions see the product descriptions of each product.

Where can I get a pole/shaft for the spearheads you sell?

Most building material shops and timber traders in Finland sell 32mm diameter roundwood in desired length (mostly pinewood). Once the head of the 32mm roundwood is tapered, it is suitable for all of our spearheads.

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