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Information about international shipping

Different countries have different import restrictions, and checking these restrictions is the customers’ responsibility.

Please note that not all items can be shipped to all countries. Some countries might have a total ban on all weapons or their replicas, and some countries might require for a pre-import permit for certain items. Irongate Armory is not responsible for products seized by customs. Remember also that outside the EU, any duties and taxes are the customers’ responsibility. Within the EU no additional taxes or duties are levied.

In addition to restrictions by different countries, there are also shipping restrictions by our shipping providers. Aerosols cannot be shipped via air mail, so Ballistol oil can only be shipped within Finland.

Firearm replicas and their cartridges can only be shipped via UPS.

Do not choose another shipping provider at check out, even if one is available. Choosing another shipper means we will have to manually change it, and that will result in delays with your order, and possible extra charges if there is a price difference. Firearm replicas and their cartridges can be shipped all over the world, except to the United States, Canada and Australia. To those three countries firearm replicas cannot currently be shipped at all. We are trying to find a shipping option that would allow them, but even in the “dangerous goods” shipping deal we have just finalized, unfortunately those three countries are for some reason still exempt. All firearm replicas shipped via UPS have to be received with an adult signature, so they cannot be left at the door or with a minor.

Please note that even if we can ship an item via UPS, there might still be country specific restrictions which prohibit its import. For example UPS does not prohibit shipping a sword to Japan, but it will not get through customs because Japan has forbidden the import of all weapons. And reversely, even though it is legal to import a firearm replica into the United States, we cannot ship them as they are banned by UPS.

Unfortunately due to UK VAT regulations orders to the United Kingdom below 135GBP can no longer be accepted. These will be refunded automatically.

Irongate Armory has successfully delivered over 62 000 products to over 50 countries.
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