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Meet Irongate Armory Team


“The Supreme Commander”

Ville is the founder and owner of the Irongate Armory. He works wherever he is needed, but most of the time he is working remotely from home. Purchasing stock, designing new products and writing product descriptions are the things that fill Ville´s workdays.

Weapons, and especially swords, have been Ville´s biggest interest ever since he was a little kid. His favorite topics include history of warfare, Viking Age, Finnish Iron Age, Ancient Rome and Medieval Era. Ville describes himself as easily excitable, and usually his favorite topic is the topic he has researched most recently.

Favorite products: Suontaka Viking Sword, Woman’s Knife and Woollen Cloak.


“The General”

Elina is Irongate Armory´s customer service person and second in command after Ville. You can find Elina working at the shop. She packs most of the online orders, and answers to emails. She also helps with upkeep of the shop both irl and online.

Elina is interested in history of history (so called “meta-history”), historical warfare and so called “quiet history”, meaning the history that was lived by the ordinary people of different eras. TLDR; She likes history. Her favorite historical periods are the Migration Period, early Medieval Time, and the Greco-Persian Wars.

Favorite products: Iron Age Shears, Vadstena Bracteate Pendant, Polyhedron Brooch from Finland, and everything else that has a rich and intriguing story behind it.


“The Vice Admiral”

Käpy works two days a week as a seller at Irongate Armory. You can find her at the shop on Mondays and Fridays. Her duties consist of packaging online orders, answering to our customers and tidying up the shop and storage. If she has time, she also writes and proof-reads Irongate Armory´s social media posts and product descriptions.

Käpy´s favorite topics in history consist of the time period between late 19th century to the early 20th century, as well as the history of clothing. Different hairstyles, social etiquette and ways of traveling throughout history are also things Käpy finds intriguing.

Favorite products: Käpy doesn´t have a one and only favorite product, but if she had to pick, she would pick: Brown Dress With Hood and Wooden Calligraphy Pen & 2 Inks.


“The IT-Mercenary”

Antero is in charge of Irongate Armory website’s functionality, coding and online store development with Ville. You can rarely see him by the shop, since he works either remotely or at Ville´s homebase office.
Antero´s favorite topics in history are World War II, Cold War, and history and architecture of the Soviet Union.

Favorite products: Thompson M1928A1 Military Version with Box Magazine, USA 1918 and Browning High Power 9mm, Belgia 1935, that was used in World War II by both Germany and Allies.


“The Media lieutenant”

Jona is Irongate Armory´s marketing manager and media content designer. You can find him working in the shop from Tuesday to Thursday; Mondays and Fridays he works remotely from home. Jona is in charge of Irongate Armory´s product pictures, marketing collaborations and social media content in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

Jona´s favorite themes in history are mostly set in the Iron Age, Viking Age and Medieval Times. He is interested in historical martial arts, as well as life and beliefs of humanity from anthropological, folkloristic and mythological perspectives. Jona also studies historical crafting techniques as his hobby.

Favorite products: Suontaka Viking Sword, Painted Viking Shield, Horn Needle for Nalbinding and Karjalan jumalat -book.


“The Shop Sergeant”

Iida works as an Irongate Armory salesperson especially during the busiest times of holidays and summertime. Her duties are related to selling products, packaging online orders and taking care of the shop itself. You can find her at the shop during vacation and holiday seasons.

Iida´s favorite topics in history are set from Iron Age to Middle Age, as well as the 30s. The clothing history, culture, mythology and history of food and cooking are particularly close to her heart.

Favorite products: Kansanuskon yöpuoli -book, Loitsujen kirja -book, Jewelry and Woolen Viking Tunic.

Irongate Armory has successfully delivered over 62 000 products to over 50 countries.
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