Birka Tunic, Brown



Description of the Product

Early medieval European dress changed very slowly from about 400 to 1100. The main feature of the Migration period was the meeting of late Roman costume with that of the invading peoples. For several centuries, people tended to dress differently depending on whether they identified with the old Romanised population, or with the new populations such as Franks, Anglo-Saxons or Visigoths. The most easily recognisable difference between the two groups was in male costume: the invading people generally wore short tunics with belts while the Romanised populations, and the Church, remained faithful to the longer tunics coming below the knee and often all the way to the ankles. By the 13th Century these distinctions had disappeared, and clothing was quite uniform across the continent. From this point on the longer Roman style was used only by the clergy.

This light and comfortable tunic is historically accurate from around 800 to the 1200s. Authentic rough looking weave made of 100% cotton.

Colour: Brown tunic with green trimmings.
Also available -Blue Birka Tunic-

Size Chest Length
XS 100 cm 114 cm
S 113 cm 115 cm
M 118 cm 116 cm
L 123 cm 117,5 cm
XXL 130 cm 123 cm
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