Our arrowheads are hand-forged of carbon steel. These arrowheads have not been polished or surface treated, so they are excellent for historical wooden arrows. Choose yours from two models.

A: The Broadhead. Broad arrowheads have been used in warfare through the ages and this point type is still used in hunting to this day. The blade was meant to cause maximum bleeding, and so to kill the target as fast as possible. A wide cutting point was relatively expensive to make, so they were not often used in practice. Total length of the arrowhead is approximately 7 cm. The inner diameter for the arrow shaft is 9 mm.

B: The Bodkin. Sharp and thin bodkin-point doesn’t make as big wound as a broadhead does but punctures and pierces armor better. Bodkin was faster and cheaper to make than a broadhead and pierced mail and gambesons better on the battlefields. Bodkins were used from the Viking-age all the way to the end of the Medieval Age. The bodkin arrowhead measures approximately 8 cm in length. The inner diameter for the arrow shaft is 9 mm.

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