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Famous Hungarian Szaloky Kelemen -arrows, loved by archers, available now straight from our warehouse!

The Eurasian Steppe is a huge ocean of grassland that extends all the way from Manchuria to Hungary. On this open steppe horse riding tribes have lived, hunted and fought since before history. Some of the most famous and feared people to emerge from the steppe have been the Scythians, the Huns and the Mongols. All of the tribes of the Steppe are similar as all of them excelled in the use of the bow, making a riding archer a feared enemy through the ages. This essential skill and tradition of archery is still alive on the edge of the steppe in Hungary where these arrows are made. Bow and arrow have been used in hunting and war till our very recent history and a good arrow is even more important that a good bow when shooting for accuracy, a fact that these master arrow makers know instinctively.

These Szaloky Kelemen -arrows are handmade traditional arrows as good as they come, all the while keeping your budget in mind. The wood used is pine from Siberia that grows slowly and makes excellent tough spines for arrows. The point is a modern field point that sticks to your foam target without breaking it, making these ideal for target practice. You can naturally change the point for a historical model if you want to.

The total length of the arrow is 84 cm, and the shaft/draw length is 81 cm. Experienced fans of archery often shorten their arrows to perfectly fit to their bow and draw length by removing the tip, shortening the arrow and reattaching the point, but full length arrows work well for beginners before honing down to the last final performance tweaks.

Larger draw strengths and draw lengths require stiffer arrows. The arrows are approximately 9 mm (11/32”) thick and 84 cm long, with a maximum draw length of 32”. There are four options for the rigidity of the arrow, ranging from III to VI on the scale Szaloky Kelemen use. The III is the least stiff and the VI is the stiffest.

  • III is ideal for bows with 30-35 pound draw weight when used with shorter arrows.
  • IV is best for 30-35 pound bows, and good for bows up to 45 pounds when shortened.
  • V is perfect for bows with 30-45 pound draw weight, and good for stiffer bows when slightly shortened.
  • VI is ideal for bows from 40 pounds upwards, and even to 65 pounds when shortened.

The natural real feathers are colored brown-brown-black in stiffness V. The black feather is the cock and brown-ones are hen-feathers, meaning that the black feather points how you place the arrow on the string of your bow. For stiffness IV the cockfeather is white/brown striped and for stiffness VI the cock feather is white. For stiffness III the hen feathers are white and the cock feather is brown.

Please note:  All current pictures are of stiffness V. New pictures upcoming soon.

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