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In the evolution of the helmet some features are adopted only for relatively short periods of time. The conical shaped helmets of the Normans had by the late 12th century evolved into the Great crusader helms which were essentially just flat topped cylinders protecting the head well. By the early 14th century the previous conical shape came back with a vengeance, and the great helm returned to the more conical shape. Although the flat top was easy to manufacture, the conical shape helped missiles and blows to glance off the surface. This variation of the great helm became known as the sugarloaf, and it remained the preferred form of the great helm through the century and beyond. The name sugarloaf comes from the shape of the helm that is same as the shape of a sugarloaf that was the typical way to sell and store sugar back in the day.

As with all other armors the 14th century was time of rapid change and by 1350 great helm started to get superseded by the bascinet. The great helm did stay in use, however, in the ever more popular sport of the joust, and despite the bascinet gaining the upper hand, the great helm can still be seen in period art depicting battles up until the 15th century.

This helmet has a brass reinforcement in the shape of the cross on the front. Whilst reinforcing the helmet, it also worked as a reinforcer and symbol of the carriers faith.

Scull made of 2 mm steel and the rest of helmet of 1,6 mm steel. The reinforcing cross is made of brass. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing. Lightly padded for comfort, liner and leather chin strap included. Made by Marshal Historical.

Weight approximately 3.3 kg
Standard size 63-64 cm

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