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From the early Celts 300 BCE in Europe to 18th century Asia, mail was one of the most prized items a warrior could own and has saved countless lives on the battlefields. This "Foe of Swords" probably derived the name "mail" from the Latin "Macula" meaning net. This shirt features 1.6 mm thick steel links combined in the standard “international” pattern, with 4 links through a 5th, which was common to all European mail. Faithfully copied from examples in museums and private collections, the diameter of each outer link is about 12.3 mm (7/16”), and the inner link diameter is about 9.1 mm (3/8”). Manufactured from mild steel just like the originals.
Mail is very durable, but due to its flexibility a forceful blow could cause bone fractures or contusions even if lacerations were avoided. That is why heavy padding was always used underneath chainmail shirts.
Chainmail made of steel corrodes easily but all links in this shirt have been coated with zinc. This prevents rusting and you don’t need to keep this shirt oiled to keep it good looking. Available in three sizes.

Size S/M: Chest circumference 110 cm (43 1/3”), height from shoulder to hem 75 cm (29 ½”) and sleeve length 30 cm (11 4/5”). Weight 8,5 kg (18 ¾ lbs).
Size L/XL: Chest circumference 120 cm (47 ¼”), height from shoulder to hem 90 cm (35 2/5”) and sleeve length 35 cm (13 4/5”). Weight 10,6 kg (23 1/3 lbs).
Size XXL: Chest circumference 140 cm (55”), height from shoulder to hem 105 cm (41 1/3”) and sleeve length 45 cm (17 ¾”). Weight 13,5 kg (29 ¾ lbs).


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