Description of the Product

Spaulders were added onto mail for extra protection early 14th century and usage continued as long as plate armour was used. This plain model consists of four parts. The parts are able to move separately and the spaulder doesn’t affect or hinder arm movements. Spaulder is attached to the arm with two sturdy leather straps and a third strap is attached on top of the spaulder to stop it sliding down. The third strap is either sewn, tied or even riveted to your gambeson, mail or plate armour (bevor or breast plate) to keep the spaulder up. Comes with 3 mm thick leather straps. Package includes two spaulders.

Made of 1.6 mm thick steel. Width approx. 19 cm and height approx. 28 cm
Weight approx. 0,9 kg / piece.

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- Hans Segercrantz

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