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Churburg Castle, built in 1253, is one of South Tyrol’s best-preserved castles, and particularly well known for its armoury, which contains 50 fully preserved suits of armour, all made for members of the Matsch family (from 1541 for the Trapp family). This dynastic collection is of incomparable artistic and historic value. The collection is famous, among other treasures, for one of the oldest surviving transitional plate armours, the #13, as well as other gems of Milanese origin.

The Churburg gauntlets are of the hourglass-type which was popular at the end of the 14th C and the beginning of the 15th C. The original Matsch family gauntlets date from the 1390’s. The large opening for wrist makes them very practical in combat as the gauntlet doesn’t hinder movement. The knuckles are reinforced with a steel band. The brass decorations of the originals have been omitted, so the gauntlets can be used by many, not just by a wealthy count. The gauntlets have a thick and sturdy leather glove stiched to the tips of the fingers. The leather gloves have an extra layer of padding on the top to absorb shocks. The leather glove can be removed easily for repairs or replacement as necessary. Weight 1,7 kg per pair.

Made of 1.6 mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used in manufacturing. Made by Marshall Historical.

Sizes: 9 (23,5 - 26cm) and 11 (26 - 31cm).
For best fit measure around the knuckles with the tape inside your fist.

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