Picreator Care/Testing Kit

  • Includes small packages of wax, surface cleaner, de-corroder and liquid soap
  • Perfect set just for finding out how the products work


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Description of the Product

Four of our popular Renaissance products in compact sizes in one package. Included: Renaissance Wax 65ml, Pre-lim surface cleaner 65ml, Renaissance Metal De-Corroder 100ml and Vulpex Liquid Soap 100ml.

With these you can restore and conserve a small project or test all products thoroughly.

Renaissance Wax 65ml
With Renaissance Wax you can protect your valuable collection from the elements. With a soft piece of cloth simply apply a thin layer of wax, which after drying will stop oxygen and other harmful agents from damaging the surface. The wax layer will protect your collection for years to come.

Pre-lim surface cleaner 65ml
A gently abrasive paste for non-scratch cleaning of metals and many sensitive fine-art surfaces.

Renaissance Metal De-Corroder 100ml
Safe, Non-toxic System for Rust Removal with Full Control. De-Corroder ruptures the bond between base metal and corrosion layer, reducing rust to a sludge which is easily wiped or brushed away.

Vulpex Liquid Soap 100ml
Vulpex attacks and emulsifies dirt, fats, fatty oils, mineral oils, waxes and hydrocarbons with great speed and efficiency. The dirty emulsions are remarkably stable, thus easily disposable. Micro-fine cracks harbouring dirt are subject to a deep-cleansing action.

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