Renaissance Wax

  • Protects almost all surfaces regardless of the material
  • The wax forms a thin, clear and moisture resistant protective layer
  • Three sizes available: 65ml, 200ml ja 3000ml



Description of the Product

With Renaissance you can protect your valuable collection from the elements. With a soft piece of cloth simply apply a thin layer of wax, which after drying will stop oxygen and other harmful agents from damaging the surface. The wax layer will protect your collection for years to come even with just one application, as it leaves a thicker and harder layer than oils. It also will not vaporize as conventional oils do. A hard layer also protects from fingerprints, thus eliminating the risk of corrosion due to the handling of the sword. The wax is also suitable for protecting the wooden, bone and leather parts of your sword. We therefore recommend using Renaissance wax to protect all of your carbon steel products.
Renaissance wax is used by museums across the world in order to conserve immeasurable treasures for the coming generations. It is now possible to use the same methods and products as the professional conservationist and protect your valuable collections. The following museums and collections in Britain use Renaissance wax: British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace, the Wallace Collection, Military Museums at Aldershot, H.M. the Queens Royal Armourer, The National Museum of Antiquities - Scotland, Royal Armories (London & Leeds), The Imperial War Museum, Windsor Castle and The Tower of London.

Renaissance wax is available in three sizes:

-65ml size can
Trial or 'gift' size - an exact miniature replica of the 200ml can for the craftsman who wants to give a gift to the customer of commissioned work as an after-sales service.
-200ml size can
The standard size can for the general market / use in the home. For home users as well as for the professionals.
-3-litre can
Aimed at the trade user/finisher, this size contains 15 of the 200ml size cans in wax volume, at a much more cost-effective price for large-scale usage.

Information and further ideas

Renaissance wax has a much finer microcrystal structure than that of natural waxes, which makes it much more resistant to moisture. In several cities monuments and statues have been protected with Renaissance wax against corrosion. The steel arms and armors in museums maintain their shine with Renaissance wax, as do copper and brass kitchenware.

When the wax is spread in a thin layer and then polished, the layer remains clear as glass, and no color changes appear in the wax nor underneath the surface, even after long periods of time. Renaissance wax is pH-neutral; it does not contain acids, and is therefore a safe choice for even the most delicate of surfaces. Even historically valuable photographs which are on display are waxed so that the impurities in the air or the acids from hands could not damage them. Renaissance wax will not stain or darken even white paper.

In furniture and woodworks Renaissance wax enhances the grain of the wood. It can be used even on Pre-treated surfaces, such as French polish, as well as on untreated wood, when no other treatment to maintain the natural moisture in the wood is needed. Waxing is the final stage in when making furniture or artwork, be it from wood, stone or metal, but it is the first thing we see or feel in any given piece. The shine and gloss of the Renaissance wax gives a beautiful appearance, and the silkiness of a properly set wax surface is very pleasant when compared to the stickiness of softer bee waxes-

The gloss of the wax does not wane even if it is used several times on the same surface, nor does the original layer fade from sight. The continued use of the wax merely increases the shine of the surface.

Picreator keeps getting questions from around the world on the suitability of Renaissance wax for this purpose or the other. Practically always the answer is “Yes!” Its unique properties make it suitable for protecting all surfaces from the wear of the environment. Many museums have started using the wax as a substitute for oil, which leaves a sticky surface and in time absorbs acidity from air. The Renaissance wax leaves a hard and dry layer which is a better protection against corrosion and more pleasant to handle.

A waxed surface that has gathered dirt and dust over time can simply be cleaned with a moist clean cloth. Greasy dirt can be removed from the waxed surface with a soft cloth moistened with petroleum, or alternatively with warm soapy water. None of these methods damage the wax layer.

If so required, the wax layer can be removed completely by rubbing the surface clean with white spirit. In professional conservation work any action must be reversible, as techniques and materials are developed.

New ideas for the use of Renaissance wax surface all the time. As an example a builder of miniature ships has reported that very small drills suffer far less breakage if dipped in the wax before drilling hardwoods. Also his workshop no longer suffered from rusty steel tools.
Kites and planes made of paper can be protected from humidity by using Renaissance wax, and wax-coated model boats glide better in water.

Any colored leather shoes can have lustrous shine and protection, and Renaissance wax does not stain clothes and hands as do normal colored shoe treatment waxes and creams. Leather and plastic purses and handbags can also be protected against rain.

Marble stains easily if contacts with colored liquids and the stains sink into marble fast. Getting rid of the stains requires sanding, which is both time consuming and expensive. The makers and restorers of marble furniture appreciate the protection against staining provided by Renaissance wax.

In cars renaissance wax provides a gloss that stays for long in all weather conditions. It is suitable for all surfaces: paint, metal, rubber, plastic, and practically all upholstery materials. The microcrystalline structure of Renaissance wax is remarkably supple and versatile: the dry wax layer will not break or crumble even on car seats.

When renaissance wax is used properly, i.e. as a thin layer, it is a very economical alternative to other waxes. It keeps in a closed jar in room temperature for years, due to its amazing qualities of repelling water and solvents. It will keep for long even after other waxes have dried and clumped unusable.

The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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Robbin Henley
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