Aventail, Zinc-plated Mail


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Description of the Product

An aventail, also called a camail, is a piece of chain mail, which was fastened to the helmet for additional neck and shoulder protection. These are the most vulnerable areas which the enemy was most likely to target, so the extra protection given by the aventail was needed. The aventail replaced the need to wear a full mail coif underneath the helmet, because the neck and shoulder area got the needed protection from the aventail.

The first aventails were permanently riveted to the helmets, but in the early 14th C removable aventails, such as this, became common. In a removable aventail the top has a leather collar which is used for attaching it to the helmet. The leather has holes punched in and vervelles are attached to the helmet. The vervelles are then pushed through the holes in the leather collar. Finally the collar in secured by threading a string through the holes in the vervelles.

This chainmail aventail features an authentic jagged edge. Sometimes the edge was even, or decorated with bronze or brass rings. This aventail is very generous in size, so it will fit all users and each helmet. If you feel the aventail comes too far down, it is possible to just remove some rows from the bottom to make it fit your ensemble.

Often, but not always, the aventail would have a padded layer underneath to make it more pleasant to wear as well as give extra protection. The padding could be stitched in place, which gave the whole piece extra rigidity. Such padding can be found here
-Padded Gorget-.

This mail is made of zinc-plated, round, butted rings. Zinc-plating each ring provides protection from corrosion and your armor will look brand-new and shiny for years without any oiling, polishing or maintenance. The weave is of a typical 4 in 1 -style.

Inner ring diameter approx. 8 mm
Ring thickness approx. 1.6 mm
Length of leather collar approx. 55 cm
Weight approx. 3.5 kg.

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