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The Morion is a helmet often identified with the Spanish conquistadors, the soldiers, knights and explorers who colonized much of the world for the Spanish empire. In reality Morions were commonly used throughout Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. They originated from Spain and were typically used by infantry, even though they were seen from time to time used by the cavalry as well.

Infantry, using pikes (long spears), wearing morions and breastplates and organized into a formation called the phalanx, dominated battlefields for more than a hundred years all across Europe. It is because of this that the morion is better known in some places (ie. England) as the pikeman’s pot. Pike phalanxes were initially used as units in themselves, but as guns developed and were used more on the battlefields, the phalanxes were deployed to protect the musketeers, whose weapons were inaccurate and slow to reload. The morions varied in design, but all curved up to a crest with rounded sides. Cheek plates were used to protect the neck and face of the wearer and became a common piece of the age.

The skull part is made of 2 mm and the brim of 1,6 mm thick carbon steel. Comes with an adjustable liner and chin strap. Weight Made by Marshal Historical.

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