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Throughout the Dark and Middle Ages, chain mail was one of the most widely used and versatile armours. A piece of riveted mail armor gave the warrior the best possible shield as it was more durable than butted chainmail. It took a skilled armorer a considerable amount of time to produce a single shirt of mail, due to the intricacy of the interlocking links. Riveted Steel is the most sought after and difficult mail to make, and therefore also the most expensive. Chainmail was used already in the early Roman period, but the height of its popularity was during the 13th century when almost every soldier in Europe was covered from head to toe in chainmail. Subsequently the advances in weaponry made plate armor necessary. The use of chainmail came to an end in the advent of firepower.

Chain mail is very durable, but due to its flexibility a forceful blow could cause bone fractures or contusions even if lacerations were avoided. That is why padding was always used under the coif. Also knights and more affluent soldiers would use a hard helmet on top of the chainmail coif to absorb the force of the blow.

The end of each mild steel link is individually hammered flat and then riveted shut. Made in the International pattern common to European mail, our mail has four links going through a fifth. Faithfully copied from examples in museums and private collections, each steel link has been left in its natural state to guarantee maximum authenticity.

Please note that unprotected chainmail corrodes easily, and in active use the armor will eventually darken. Often armory of this type was allowed to darken on the battlefield before oiling them. We recommend the chainmail is kept oiled at all times.

Weight app. 3,3 kg
Innner diameter of rings: 8 mm
Ring steel thickness: 1,4 mm.

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