Maximilian Style Sallet 1480-1520

  • Replica of original A72 in the Wallace Collection dated to 1520
  • Made of 2 mm thick steel with 1,6 mm steel facial
  • Leather chin strap
  • Padding inside the helmet
  • Available in two sizes M and L



Description of the Product

Near the end of 15th century sallets began a transformation into the shapes known as "transitional sallets". The sallet transitioned from a helmet covering the top of the head and upper face into a fully closed helmet protecting the whole face, jaw and throat. The evolution ended up in 16th century close helmets, armets and burgonets.

Maximilian style armor is the style of early 16th-century plate armor, from the era of Emperor Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor 1508-1519. Maximilian armor is made in plain steel, but decorated with many flutings that are decorative but also played a role in deflecting thrusts and blows of the assailants and increased the structural strength of the plates. Maximilian armor is a transitional stage in the decoration of armor, between the plain steel surfaces of 15th-century armor and the elaborate decorations and etchings of the Renaissance armor.

This helmet is based on a museum piece A72 in the Wallace Collection dated to 1520. The original was made in north Italy, area well known for it's excellent armor smiths at the time. This sallet belonged to the collection of the Count of Nieuwerkerke and was acquired by Sir Richard Wallace in 1871. This helmet is also illustrated and showcased in the book “Castles and Warfare in the Middle Ages” by Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, a well-known French architect, restorer of historical landmarks and author of the 19th Century. One could say that this sallet is a celebrity in the midst of transitional sallets.

This sallet was originally probably used with a gorget or some other throat protection.

  • Made of 2 mm thick steel with 1,6 mm steel facial. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing.
  • Leather chin strap
  • Padding inside the helmet
  • Available in two sizes M and L
  • Size M = 60~61 cm circumference
  • Size L = 63~64 cm circumference
  • Manufacturer: Marshal Historical
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