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To cover up weak points in armor a small round extra plate was often used. This armor plate is called a rondel and it could have made all the difference in tight battles where winning and losing was hung from a thread. Typical use of a rondel was to cover the armpit of a plate armor. Plate armor gives excellent protection against most attacks but is vulnerable inside the armpit where your opponent most likely will try to thrust through. A rondel covering the armpit was called a besagew.

Rondels were also used to give extra protection to elbow, to the back of the hand and to cover the gap between the helmet and back plate and thus give extra protection to the neck.

Both of the concave round discs are approx. 9.7 cm wide and are made of 2 mm thick steel. Sold as a pair including sturdy leather straps. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing. Made by Marshall Historical.

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