German Style Gauntlets with Brass Accents

  • Made of 1,3 mm thick carbon steel
  • The high quality leather glove attached is stitched to the tip of the fingers
  • Knuckles and finger articulations are decorated with brass fittings
  • Available 2 sizes



Description of the Product

All knights used gauntlets to protect fingers. For example Fiore dei Liberi, Italian sword master and author still studied nowadays of the 15th C. wrote that he used gauntlets always in his duels. The gauntlets are, without any doubt, one of the most complicated and yet beautiful pieces of armor. These ones are made in the 15th Century German style armor style.

14th and 15th century medieval plate armor is roughly categorized into Italian style and German style armor. These were the two leading armor development and manufacturing hotspots in Europe and their designs and styles were copied even if the manufacturing and use happened somewhere else within Europe. Italian style armor was stylistically smooth and round and German style had grooves, flutes, sharp turns and peaks in it. Smooth and round armor deflects blows easily away but ridges and grooves give steel more strength and integrity. Naturally visual style also meant a lot to rich medieval knights who wanted to look fashionable and wear the style clothing as well as armor they liked best.

This item has brass parts what means that some patina or grease stains might be visible on these parts after long storage time. Brass will also accumulate some patina during the years. Some like a little patina on the brass parts while others prefer shiny and bright brass parts. The good news are that there are many easy and cheap commercial cleaning products made to clean brass leaving the brass as shining as it was just made. We recommend these modern brass cleaners instead of mechanically polishing the brass parts for the simplicity and fastness, if you like your brass parts shiny and bright.

  • Made of 1,3 mm thick carbon steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing.
  • The high quality leather glove attached is stitched to the tip of the fingers, so it is easily removed, replaced or repaired.
  • Knuckles and finger articulations are decorated with brass fittings.
  • Available 2 sizes
  • Size 9 = Size fitting up to glove size 9
  • Size 11 =Fits glove sizes 10 to 11
  • Manufacturer: Marshall Historical
Absolutely worth visiting. Things to wonder and admire for hours and to buy... Don't tell your spouse unless he/she is also an enthusiast :)
- Daniel Kohvakka

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