Lorica Segmentata


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Description of the Product

This type of armor is believed to have been introduced in the ranks of the Roman Army during the first century CE and widely used at the height of the Roman Empire. Although it never completely replaced the mail (Lorica Hamata) and scale armor (Lorica Squamata), for the modern mind the Lorica Segmentata typifies the Roman soldier. Our replica is superb, made of 1.24 mm thick (18 gauge) steel. It is closely copied from a type of Lorica found in Newstead, Scotland, that dates from the second century CE. This armor is quite flexible and allows plenty of freedom of movement.

Fits chest sizes from 107 cm to 117 cm (42" to 46"). Weight app. 8 kg (17 lbs 6 oz).

Absolutely worth visiting. Things to wonder and admire for hours and to buy... Don't tell your spouse unless he/she is also an enthusiast :)
- Daniel Kohvakka

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