Plate Armour for Arms – 1450-1550

  • Handmade from 1.6 mm thick steel
  • Includes armor for both hands
  • Total length approx. 52 cm
  • ¾ length arm armor like this were typically worn with separate shoulder plates


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Description of the Product

In the late 13th c. plates started to supplement mail in arm protection, and at first elbows and shoulders were protected. By the mid-14th c. also the upper and forearms were afforded plate defences, in the form of gutter shaped pieces. By the late 14th century arm harnesses had developed articulation and protected the whole arm. Many continental arm harnesses were made ¾ length like this model and were worn with separate spaulders.

The fully articulated high-tech arm armor stayed functionally same from late 14th century onwards and the use continued till 17th century. Fashion changed during the Middle Ages just like it does nowadays and arm armor look changed slightly with the times. Knights, barons and wealthy men-at-arms naturally wanted to look good and have the newest fashion even with their armor. These arm armors are in the style of the end of the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance approx. from 1450 till 1550.

The vambrace protects the forearm, the couter protects the elbow, and the rerebrace protects the upper arm. These three parts are joined together so that the hand is fully mobile; an obvious must for the armor to be functional. The wing of the couter protecting the otherwise vulnerable inner elbow went through many fashions, from the simple rounded form, to a heart shaped one, to the large fluted wings of the German gothic armours. The wing of these arm armor turns inwards protecting the inner elbow very well.

These armour arms are extremely mobile as they are double-jointed at the elbow. They are hung from the leather band from you mail shirt or arming jack using separate arming laces (not included). This prevents the armor from slipping downwards during battle. The arm armor is secured and fastened tightly with leather straps at forearm, elbow and upper arm.

  • Total length approx. 52 cm
  • Outer circumference at the wrist 31 cm
  • Weight approx. 4,3 kg per pair
  • Made from 1.6 mm carbon steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used in manufacturing.
  • Includes armor for both hands
  • Made by Marshall Historical
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