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The kettle hat with its close fitting bowl and flat, wide rim was fairly easy and cheap to produce, and as such it was mostly used by the common soldiers. The broad brim shields blows from hand weapons and offers a fair amount of protection from missiles coming from above. Although it did leave the face vulnerable, many warriors still chose it over the more protective closed helmets. When breathing is restricted, the heat inside the helmet is rising and your vision is severely restricted it is understandable why many chose the vision and access to air instead of the protection offered by closed helmets. For further facial protection the kettle hat could be paired with a bevor, found -here-.

As a helmet model the kettle hat is one of the longest serving, its origins can be traced to 3rd C BCE, true kettle hats emerged during the 12th C and the English wore almost identical helmets still in the First World War. At its most popular it was from the 13th to 15th C in France and England, and it would have been a familiar sight in the battlefields of the Hundred Years’ war. The popular kettle hat had many names and was also called war hat, chapel de fer, or eisenhut. Slowly its features were transformed into morions of 16th and 17th century.

Leather chin strap included. Made of 2mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used on its manufacturing. Made by Marshal Historical. Weight 2,7 kg.

Available in two sizes: size M for head circumference of approx. 60-61cm and size L for 63-64cm.

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