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Arms tends to be the next important area for a warrior to protect after their head. In the late 13th c. small plates started to supplement maille, and first it was the joints which were protected. By the early 14th C. these plates became more shaped, and the first elbow cops and shoulder cops emerged. Articulated spaulders for the protection of shoulders first started to appear at the later half of the 14th century, together with other new plate armour parts. Their use became widespread during the 15th century.

There is a gap between the spaulder and breastplate in plate armor. The armpits of the man-at-arms needed extra protection, so small steel plate was added. This small plate covering the armpit is called a besagew and it considerably added the protection without compromising mobility. Besagews were attached either directly to the spaulder, like in our version, or alternatively directly to the mail shirt underneath.

The protection offered by spaulders was not as good as that of the larger pauldrons. Large asymmetrical pauldrons became popular among heavily armored cavalry (especially in Italy). Those, whose fighting technique rested more on dexterity/mobility than being able to withstand forceful blows of the lance, seem to have preferred the excellent mobility afforded by the spaulder. As such these spaulders are a perfect fit for a foot soldier of the 15th century.

The shoulder cup is made of 1.6 mm steel and the lames and besagew of 1.2 mm steel. Steel thickness may vary due to the handcrafted methods used in manufacturing.
Height 32.5 cm, width of shoulder 33 cm, diameter of besagew 10 cm. Weight 2.4 kg/pair. Made by Marshall Historical.

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