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Before the developments of modern advanced medicine and surgery damage to the eye often led to the person losing that eye. After the loss of an eye it was common to cover and protect the eye socket with cloth or leather. People working in dangerous positions were especially in danger to lose an eye for example in accidents or in the heat of the battle. It was common to see soldiers, sailors, pirates and veterans wearing eye patches.

Even though no historical writings have survived to our days it’s possible that eyepatches were used on ships to protect night vision from the harsh daylight. When a sailor was working in the darkness below deck and needed to pop out onto the deck into bright daylight the sailor would lose night vision that takes about 30 minutes to return. If the sailor wore an eyepatch over one eye he lost the night vision only from the other eye making him more capable to work again in the darkness when he returned below the deck. Because of this same reason during modern era aircraft pilots wore eyepatches during night flights to retain night vision in the other eye to read maps and see dimly lit meters in the dark cabin.

This leather eye patch is hand formed and fits perfectly to the contour of your face. Leather thong is attached to the eye patch to tie in the back of your head.

Perfect for any pirate, gladiator, veteran mercenary or even if are planning on appearing as the Odin. Odin, the king of gods, sacrificed his eye to gain wisdom and knowledge and is well known as the one-eyed god from the Scandinavian mythology.

  • Available for right and left eye
  • Genuine leather
  • Historically authentic
  • Made by Windlass Steelcrafts
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- Hans Segercrantz

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