Agincourt War Sword


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Description of the Product

Agincourt hand-and-half sword from Windlass Steelcrafts Battlecry collection is a slender, light, quick weapon well-suited to facing armored adversaries. This is an agile weapon whose length and weight make it highly effective on its own in either one or two-handed fighting. But it’s equally dangerous when paired with a buckler or even a larger shield. Combining versatility with utility, the dexterity and lightness of the Agincourt betrays a dangerous fighting blade of respected martial utility.

Many different swords fall into the category of hand-and-a-half swords and many of them are as maneuverable as they are surprisingly sturdy. In full armor a heavy sword is no advantage and a narrow point on a slimmer blade is ideal for getting into the vulnerable spots of another armored combatant. At the same time, the advantage of having a faster weapon with a extended grip that could still be handled with both hands, provided knights and men-at-arms alike with a resourceful option. A sword like this also deftly employs the blade-gripping techniques called half-swording that make up such a large part of the authentic fighting methods.

One could easily envision the longbowmen and knights, both French and English alike, wielding this blackened blade on the fields of the famous and disastrous battle of 1415 honored in the naming of this sword.

Includes a matching scabbard with a belt stop, a frog to carry the sword and a certificate of authenticity signed by the smith who forged the sword. Please note that this sword comes pre-sharpened!

Overall Length 99 cm
Blade Length 78 cm
Blade Width 4.1 cm
Weight 1.1 kg
Point of Balance 8.9 cm
below the hilt. Please note that this sword comes sharpened!

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