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When a spark lands on the charcloth, or the charcloth is otherwise ignited, it stays simmering. The charred fabric structure does not ignite into open flame, but gradually smokes and smoulders, maintaining the spark and heat. Charcloth has long been used in conjunction with fire steel and flint to create fire. Charcloth was also used in the first hand-held firearms as early as the early 15th century, and the matchlock remained in use in muskets well into the 17th century. For example during the Thirty Years' War, most of the weapons were still matchlock guns using charcloth (or charred cord called match cord to be more precise) although the first flintlock weapons were already in use at the time. The old and trusted matchlock was more reliable than the brand new flintlock weapons at the time.

When making fire the charcloth is used together with fire steel and flint stone. Since flint stone is harder than steel, when these two are struck together, the sharp edge of the flint scrapes off small pieces of steel. The small pieces of steel catch on fire due to the friction of the strike. The spark is then caught onto charcloth where it will smoulder. Once the charcloth is smoldering you feed some larger tinder or small kindlings around it and blow gently to spread the spark into a fire.

In this pack you get approx. 15 pieces of approx 6x8 cm size pieces of charcloth. These are sent in a weather proof plastic pack. This is a useful restock pack for anyone creating fire in the ancient way as charcloth is slowly used up when making several fires.

If you have ever wondered how to light fire using flint and firesteel then this video is for you.

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