‘Charles de Blois’ -style Gambeson



Description of the Product

By the 14th century the majority of the body of a knight was starting to be covered in plate armor, instead of mail, and so the need for thick padding became unnecessary. The advances in tailoring meant that clothing in general was becoming more form-fitting, and so it was with gambesons/ pourpoints. Further need for the snug fit of arming jackets worn with plate armour was the girdling effect; the jacket supports the weight of the armour legs on the hips, instead of the shoulders. The ‘grande assiette’ (or large plate) style sleeve means that the armhole is much larger, covering the chest and back. This gives a tighter fit and more flexibility. The shoulder is fully mobile while the rest of the garment, including possible leg armour attached to it, conveniently stays in place. A famous and rare surviving example of this fitted type is the pourpoint of Charles of Blois in the Musee Historique des Tissus in Lyon.

Charles be Blois was the duke of Brittany and nephew to the king of France during the beginning of the Hundred Years’ war. He was a devout christian and an accomplished military leader, who died at the battle of Auray in 1367.

This gambeson can be used in training as such or under armour. This handsome garment can of course just as well be worn as a civilian jacket like many pourpoints, even the original, were. Thickness approximately 4 mm. Fabric 100% cotton, padding 100% polyester . Made by Marshall Historical.

Size Chest Length
S 100 cm 87 cm
M 106 cm 89 cm
L 111 cm 91 cm
XL/XXL 132 cm 95 cm
XXXL 142 cm 97 cm
Absolutely worth visiting. Things to wonder and admire for hours and to buy... Don't tell your spouse unless he/she is also an enthusiast :)
- Daniel Kohvakka

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