Greek Chiton



Description of the Product

The standard dress for men and women of Greek antiquity was the chiton, which was very similar to the Roman tunic. These garments were worn for most of the early centuries of the Archaic to the Late Hellenistic period. The chiton was originally made by sewing two rectangular white cloth towels - usually made of linen - together like a sack, with openings for head and arms. Later on half-length sleeves were added to the tunic and the waist was usually tied using a belt. Our tunic is this later version and it has Greek trimming on the sleeves and hem depicting the waves of the Aegean Sea. This chiton can be worn as the main garment or under any Greek armour. The belt shown in the picture not included. This off-white tunic is made of 100 % cotton.

Sizes: S/M and L/XL

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