Heavy Duty Padded Coif for HMB

  • Thick padding made especially for full contact combat sports
  • Protects head, throat, neck and shoulders
  • The part covering a head and the part covering the shoulders are easily separated for modification
  • 100 % cotton
  • Manufacturer Marshall Historical


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Description of the Product

Made of thicker padding to withstand the rigors of ultimate heavy combat and to keep your head safe in the heat of the battle. Made especially for buhurt, historical medieval battle (HMB), heavy combat and other Battle of the Nations -style full contact combat sports.

All knights and men-at-arms wore a padded coif for comfort and to soften the inevitable blows. This coif is the perfect addition to any garb and can also be worn on its own. The large collar gives extra protection for the throat, neck and shoulder areas, and is especially useful with helmets that come to the shoulders, such as bascinets. Made of heavy natural white cotton fabric, this hood can be worn with the larger helmets or under mail.

Please take the substantial thickness of this coif into consideration when measuring for helmet size. The thickness of the part covering your head is approx. 33 mm when compressed under a weight of couple kilos and the thickness of the part covering your shoulders is approx. 10 mm when compressed. The part covering your head and the part covering your shoulders are joined by leather string and can easily be separated for modification.

Made of 100 % cotton linen, stuffed with natural cotton. Made by Marshall Historical.

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