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The knife is one of mankind’s most primitive inventions, and the spoon has been with us since the Neolithic period. Compared to these, the fork is a downright modern invention, although even the fork has been with us from the Classical antiquity. The use of “the devils tool” did not, however, spread in medieval Europe ruled by Christianity due to the opposition of the Church. Although the fork itself already existed at medieval times, it was commonly used only as a serving utensil. In spite of, or perhaps due to, the association of the fork with a luxurious and decadent lifestyle, the personal eating fork did not become commonplace in Europe until after the middle Ages, in the 18th century.

This cutlery set made of carbon steel can be easily transported in the leather holder provided and carried for example on your belt.

The holder is made of natural leather. It may contain imperfections or not be 100% regular. The roughness or color may vary slightly. The tinting is done by natural methods and the final finish may vary depending on the original skin tone.

Length of utensils approx. 22 cm. Wash the utensils prior to first use to remove storage oil.
Made by Marshal Historical

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