Military Sharps Carbine, USA 1859

  • Classic western rifle from the American Civil War era
  • Made of cast metal (zamak) and hardwood
  • Can be cocked and dry fired like the original
  • Non-firing replica. Legal and permit free in most countries
  • Excellent for reenactment, theater, film productions and as decoration


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Description of the Product

Christian Sharps developed the Sharps rifle in 1848 and they were manufactured until 1881. The Sharps rifle was the sniper's choice of its time: the rifles were of particularly high quality, the gun could be breech loaded easily and quickly, and the gun was especially known for its long range and accuracy. Sharps rifle was made both as a long rifle model and as shorter carbine model. During the American Civil War (1861-1865) the carbine version was used mainly by the cavalry as the shorter version was easier to carry and use on horseback.

This weapon was able to fire reliably accurately to a distance of 400-500m, which is a considerable distance compared to other firearms of its time. After all, there were still a lot of muzzle loading muskets in use in the American Civil War, which had an accurate range of only 40-60m. The longest confirmed hit with the Sharps rifle is 1.4 km , when a group of buffalo hunters fought against the Indians in Texas in 1874. There was certainly luck involved in the hit, but it still speaks volumes about the power, accuracy and range of the weapon. The rate of fire of a breech-loading weapon was also faster than that of muzzle-loading weapons; Sharps was able to fire 8-10 shots per minute, while the muzzleloading rifles only managed 2-3 shots per minute.

In Sharps rifles, the trigger arch also acts as a loading lever, which, when turned, lowers the part of the lock behind the barrel and the back of the barrel becomes visible. This way cartridges could be inserted into the barrel from the back and not through the whole barrel as muzzle-loaded guns were the norm at this time. After the cartridge was inserted a percussion cap was used to ignite it. In the first Sharps the cartridges were wrapped in paper, but after the Civil War they were converted to use newly invented cartridges with brass sleeves.

This rifle was used both before and after the American Civil War foe example in the Indian Wars. During the Civil War, the Sharps carbines were used by both sides the North and the South. The Sharps carbine was the most commonly used carbine in the cavalry and the most common cavalry weapon of any type for a brief time for Union cavalry. The Sharps carbine was more popular and common weapon compared to Sharps rifle and approx. 90 000 pieces were made. The Conferderate South manufactured a copy of the Sharps rifle and carbine, but the quality was not as high as that of the Northern originals, and the accuracy and range did not match the original either.

With Sharps carbine cavalry was able to get as much firepower as the infantry, but this came with a steep cost. The Sharps rifle was expensive to manufacture and cost about three times as much as a standard muzzle-loading rifle. In addition to the accuracy of these new rifles, soldiers also benefited from the breech charge, as the shooter did not have to get up to load the weapon through the barrel, but could load a new cartridge even secretly while squatting or lying down. So in addition to being more accurate and faster weapon to fire Military Sharps carbine was safer, faster and easier to load and this could be done even while on horseback.

This is an iconic Wild West rifle seen in several films e.g. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Dances with Wolves, Quigley Down Under and True Grit.

  • This gun is an exact replica of the original. The replica matches the original in size and weight. The mechanisms of the weapon are working. The weapon can be cocked and dry fired like a real one. Due to the materials used, the mechanisms cannot withstand continuous cocking and firing for long periods.
  • Genuine wood and cast metal has been used to make this replica weapon. Zamac differs from steel in many respects, so the structure of the gun does not withstand pressure, it cannot be used to fire bullets, nor can it be converted to a functional weapon by any means.
  • Non-firing replicas such as this do not require permits in Finland, nor in many other countries. However, since the gun looks real, it should not be carried in public.
  • A replica gun is perfect for historical re-enactment, on a theater stage, in film productions, for collectors of historical memorabilia, and as decoration.
  • Length: 101 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Manufacturer: Denix, Spain
Ordering from you was easy and delivery was quick! thanks for the help when I needed it also.....
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Petri Laaksonen
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Jyrki Koskinen
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