Rubber Blunt for Sword Tips and Archery



Description of the Product

Rubber blunts can be used for training, shooting at tree stumps, cans, and other hard or small targets where arrow penetration is not attempted or preferred. The use of blunts reduce arrow loss in field practice, as the arrows won’t burrow deep into ground. The blunt also spreads some of the energy on impact on a wider surface, and can protect the shaft from breakage. The tough rubber makes the blunt durable.

Even though these rubber blunts were initially made for archery these have become the most used add-on protection for the tip of steel training swords. Just push the blunt on top of the tip of your sword to make your sword safer. For bigger sword points (these vary greatly in size from sword to sword) it helps to warm the rubber blunt before pushing it on, as this makes the rubber more malleable. If the blunt keeps falling off during swordplay its common practice to use additional tape to keep the blunt secured.

These blunts are push-on, so they are just pushed over the wooden arrow shaft or sword tip. There is no need for gluing or tapering.

The blunts are available in two sizes: the ones for a 8mm (5/16”) shaft weigh 100 grain and the ones for a 9mm (11/32”) shaft weigh 125 grain.

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