Scabbard & Belt for 70cm Bladed Sword



Description of the Product

You can carry and present your training sword in style with this authentic combination of scabbard and belt. Scabbard also keeps your sword in good condition during transport.

This scabbard and belt are hand crafted out of thick and durable leather. This scabbard is especially designed for the swords made by Victor Berbekucz that have 70 cm long blades but naturally you can use this with any sword that fits in.

The swords made by Victor Berbekucz that have 70 blades that fit right in are: Medieval Arming Sword, 70cm blade, Norman Sword, Viking Sword from 9th Century and Viking Sword from 10th Century.

Includes a scabbard and belt made of black or brown leather. The belt features a brass buckle. The total length of the scabbard is 75.5 cm and the length of the belt is 149 cm. The width of the mouth of the scabbard is 5.5 cm.

Made by: Berbekucz Victor

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- Daniel Kohvakka

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