Stiklestad Viking Sword


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Description of the Product

Circa 900
The Battle of Stiklestad was the final battle of the former king of Norway, Olaf Haraldsson. This was old school warfare, with two hosts meeting face-to-face and sword-to-sword. It was a brutal, bloody and deadly fight, and in the end Olaf fell. During his reign as a king, Olaf heavily enforced Christianity in Norway, so after his death the church eventually canonized him as Saint Olaf.

This attractive Viking sword is named after Olaf’s last battle. Made from high carbon steel, this sword is a beautifully balanced and highly effective weapon. It is capable of both cutting and thrusting, and it is also a delight to the eye. The pommel and guard are decorated with copper. The grip is made from wood and covered in leather, as is the accompanying scabbard.

Dimensions approx.: overall 94cm
(37"), blade: 79cm
(31") long, 5cm
(2") wide, 4,8mm
(3/16”) thick. Weight: 1,25kg
(2lbs 12oz). Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.

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