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This book broke new ground in 2004, providing for the first time a comprehensive beginners’ guide to medieval Italian swordsmanship. It has proven enduringly popular, with second-hand copies changing hands for hundreds of dollars. This second edition corrects some errors, and includes an appendix highlighting some changes to the interpretation.

What swordsmanship instructors said about the first edition:
“High quality, informative and well-written book that I heartily recommend to all serious students of the late-Medieval sword-arts” Tom Leoni, author of The Art of Duelling, The Complete Renaissance Swordsman, etc.

“I’ve yet too read a book about any kind of Martial Arts that explains the ‘How’s’ and ‘Why’s’ in a manner as effortless yet comprehensible as Guy Windsor does.”
Jörg Bellinghausen, of Ochs-Historische Kampfkunste

“Mr.Windsor is not ‘just’ an extraordinary swordsman but also an expert teacher of swordsmanship. With The Swordsman’s Companion he shares his knowledge and experience in both fields with a wide audience. No matter whether you are a beginner or advanced swordsman, student or teacher, I am sure that you will benefit from this book.”
Stefan Dieke, founder of Alte Kampfkunst

240 pages

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