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Short history of the Age of Imperialism and Industrial Revolution

Age of Imperialism and Industrial Revolution -category covers about 250 years approx. from 1760 till early 1900’s

During the Age of Imperialism, which began around the 1760s, European industrializing nations set out to colonize and annex other parts of the world in competition with each other. Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States also joined the traditional colonial powers of Western Europe. Earlier, the colonial power was concentrated on the coasts of Africa and Asia, but now the power of the Europeans spread inland as well. Almost all of Africa, a large part of Asia and most of the islands of the Pacific Ocean became colonies.

The Industrial Revolution marked the transition to new manufacturing processes in Great Britain, continental Europe and the United States between 1760 and 1820 and 1840. There was a shift from manual production methods to machines, new chemicals were manufactured, iron production was upscaled with improved quality and quantity, steam power and water power were used more and more, while new machines and tools were developed and the mechanized factory systems was invented.

During the industrial revolution science, technology, technological know-how and ways of warfare developed at breakneck speed, and the old way of life of the industrializing nations was revolutionized as work, way to earn a living and lifestyle of the entire nation changed. Old power structures were demolished and new ones rose. Industrialization caused great growing pains and unrest in developing countries, but despite these, Europe emerged as a global power and began the political, economic and cultural colonization of the entire world.

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