Ankh & Eye of Horus Notebook

  • Leather bound book with blank pages
  • Historical and classy way to write down notes
  • Approx. 240 pages to write or draw to
  • Medium size 17,5 cm x 13,5 cm x 4.2 cm


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Description of the Product

Ankh, or key of life, is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol, used to represent the word for "life" as well as a symbol for life itself. It is a cross shape with a teardrop-shaped loop at the top. The origins of the symbol are not known, although many hypotheses have been proposed. The ankh was one of the most common decorative motifs in ancient Egypt. It can often be seen held by ancient Egyptian deities, or being given by them to the pharaoh, to represent their power to sustain life and to revive human souls in the afterlife. The ankh may have been used decoratively more than any other hieroglyphic sign, and is also known for its use as a protective amulet.

The Ankh on the cover is coupled with the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus is a stylized eye with distinctive markings, believed to have protective magical powers. It too appeared frequently in ancient Egyptian art, being one of the most common motifs for amulets, remaining in use for several millennia, from the Old Kingdom to the Roman period.

Horus was an Egyptian god in the form of a falcon, whose right eye was the sun and the left eye the moon. In a struggle with his nemesis his left eye, the Moon, was damaged. It was later healed, and the symbol of the restored eye became a powerful amulet. The Eye of Horus can also represent the Moon, whose waxing and waning was likened to the injury and restoration of the eye. It symbolizes healing powers and rebirth. An amulet in this shape was thought to protect its wearer and to transfer the power of regeneration onto them.

This journal has thick embossed leather covers and inside you can find approx. 240 empty handmade paper pages waiting for your notes, drawings, spells, thoughts, travel plans, or whatever you fancy. You can use this book for example as a diary, for customer orders, drawings, as a gardeners notebook, travel book, guest book or as a book for your own family tree, recipe book and so on.

  • This book can be closed and secured using a metal lock
  • Thickness of the cover leather is approx. 2-3 mm
  • Approx. 240 writable pages
  • Size approx. 17,5 cm x 13,5 cm x 4.2 cm
  • Weight approx 400 g
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