Grand County Sheriff Badge, brass

  • Reproduction badge made of cast metal
  • Has a needle for attachment
  • Excellent for theater and film productions, for collectors of historical memorabilia, and as decoration


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Description of the Product

6-point Sheriff badge made of metal, with a needle for attachment.

The term Sheriff is a contraction of "shire reeve". Originally in Anglo-Saxon England the reeve was a senior official with local responsibilities under the Crown. After the Norman conquest, it was an office held by a man of lower rank, appointed as manager of a manor and overseer of the peasants, i.e. the person responsible for imparting justice in a county or a shire. Currently the term is still in use in several Anglo-Saxon countries, or countries with colonial ties to Great Britain.

The first English settlers brought the office of the Sheriff to the American continent. As the colonies grew the presence of law enforcement became more and more necessary. To distinguish who had the authority of the law behind them, a badge on the chest was used, as an easily recognizable symbol of rank and authority.

At first most badges were oval or shield shaped. Later a 5 pointed star, a symbol associated with the flag of the United States, was widely adopted. Since then, the sheriff's badge has evolved to include 5, 6 or 7-pointed stars.

Today, most sheriffs use a star shape badge, while police officers use a shield or an oval badge. Federal agencies often use plaques with an eagle on the shield.

  • Made of cast metal, brass finish
  • Perfect for historical re-enactment, on a theater stage, in film productions, for collectors of historical memorabilia, and as decoration
  • Diameter: 6,9 cm
  • Weight: 18 g
  • Manufacturer: Denix, Spain
Really fast delivery and excellent quality goods!
- Hans Segercrantz

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