Coffin Handle Bowie

  • Supremely functional and solid all-rounder knife
  • Historically accurate from 1827 onward
  • High carbon steel blade, ships sharpened
  • Total length 40cm, weight 320g
  • Includes a leather sheath


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Description of the Product

The easiest way to separate a Bowie knife from other big knives is by looking at the tip of the blade. Bowie knife blades have a slightly concave back side towards the point. This type of blade point is typically called a “clip point”. Bowie knives also commonly have a cross guard. Large knives had of course been used successfully before, but it was a single event which gave this knife its name and skyrocketed popularity. In 1827 James Bowie made a legend of himself and his knife in a fierce battle on the banks of the Mississippi. Bowie excelled in handling his knife and even when severely wounded was able to kill several of his adversaries in the aftermath of a duel-by-pistols gone awry. He emerged victorious, albeit with both gunshot and sword wounds. A legend was born, and everyone across America wanted the same type of knife used by Bowie. Soon a Bowie-knife could be spotted on the sides of both congressmen and ruffians.

The Bowie knife found its greatest popularity during the mid-19th century and numerous knife fighting schools in the American South were teaching fighting techniques with the Bowie knife. These knives played a role in all 19th century US conflicts, from the Texas war of independence to the Mexican War, from the California gold rush to the Civil War and Indian wars.

The coffin handle was the original handle type of the first Bowies, and gets its name from the distinctive coffin shape, where both sides of the handle are slightly concave, forming a waist. The shape produces a very comfortable grip which sits very well in your handle. This reproduction is truly elegant in its simplicity of form and function. The top back edge can be sharpened to over half its length. Light and fast, this Bowie is as deadly as the name implies.

  • The handle is hardwood that is secured by rivets to the tang
  • The blade is hand forged out of high carbon steel
  • Comes with a leather sheath with a leather belt loop, so that the knife and sheath can easily be attached to any belt
  • Historically accurate from 1827 onward
  • Made by Windlass Steelcrafts.
Overall length: 40cm
Blade length: 28.5cm
Handle length: 12cm
Weight: 320g
Point of Balance: 7cm
Width at Guard: 3.51cm
Width at Tip: 1.61cm
Thickness at Guard: 5.1mm
Thickness at Tip: 3.7mm
Blade material: 1055 carbon steel
Sharpness: Sharp


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