Banner of the King of Scots


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Description of the Product

Widely used as a second national flag, the Royal Standard of Scotland is also known as the Lion Rampant or Banner of the King of Scots. The Lion Rampant was probably adopted in the early 12th century by King William I. Based on a much older Scottish flag than the St. Andrew's Cross (the Saltire, the national flag of Scotland), it was used historically by the Kings of Scotland until the Union of the Crowns in 1603. Since then the heraldic symbol has been incorporated into subsequent British coats of arms. The correct use of the Royal Standard of Scotland is restricted to only a few Great Officers of State who officially represent the Sovereign in Scotland. Despite the restrictions and fines imposed for improper use it continues to be one of the most recognizable Scottish national symbols. Made of durable indoor/outdoor nylon.

The flag measures 93 x 150 cm (36.6” x 59”) and comes with metal grommets.

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