Winningas / Leg wraps

  • Available in brown, red and blue
  • Two separate wrappings included (one for each leg)
  • Made of herringbone weave 100% cotton cloth
  • Length approx. 3.5 m
  • Width approx. 10 cm



Description of the Product

Throughout the ages legs have had a need for some protection from the weather and from the nature. Pants are naturally the go-to solution today but leg wrappings have been used through the ages in addition or instead of pants. The leg bindings/wrappings kept the trousers clean, dry and in good shape and naturally also gave the lower leg some additional protection both when walking in the wild as in combat. Even small cuts and scrapes could be fatal if infected so any protection from nettles, thistles, branches and any scratches came in handy. In addition to protection leg windings acted like a good pair of socks giving warmth during the cold seasons.

Roman legionaries marched leg bindings on their legs whenever they headed north of Italy whether they were headed to Gallia, Germania or Britannia. Celts, Saxons and other Germanic people as well as Vikings all used leg windings. Winningas were easier and cheaper to make than pants, hoses or stockings and all leftover textile parts could be used up as leg windings or footwraps. Because of the simplicity of leg wrappings it is safe to assume that these have been used in the cold regions of the world well before the Roman times and the use continued till the First World War when it still was normal for soldiers to protect legs with leg bindings. Leg wrappings have been used by both men and women regardless of the social statue in the history.

You start wrapping your lower leg below instep or heel or around your ankle and stop at the knee. You should wrap at least over your calf muscle to keep the windings from slowly falling down when you start walking. You can use these with any kind of pants but if you have pants with tight fitting legs you are better off. Any loose material in the leg will leave a bulge underneath the wrapping and can be nuisance when worn longer periods.

  • Two separate wrappings included (one for each leg)
  • Made of herringbone weave 100% cotton cloth
  • Length approx. 3.5 m
  • Width approx. 10 cm
  • Machine wash in warm 40°C water
  • Made by Battle-Merchant
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