Charlemagne’s Sword “Joyeuse”

  • The replica of Charlemagne’s sword “Joyeuse”
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Ideal as a decoration or as part of a costume, also suitable for light cutting practice
  • Overall length: 97.5 cm
  • Sharpness: Unsharpened
  • Sheath not included


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Description of the Product

Charlemagne, Charles the Great, was a King of Franks. Franks were one of the numerous Slavic and Germanic tribes, like the Huns, Goths and Visigoths, which migrated over large parts of Europe from circa the fourth century onwards. The Romans had called these tribes "Barbarians" due to their uncivilized customs, and viewed their migration as an invasion. Barbarian was a Greek term meaning anyone not speaking Greek, i.e. whose speech sounded gibberish, “bar-bar-bar”. These new tribes filled the power vacuum after the fall of the Roman Empire, some only briefly to be forgotten by history, some with longer legacies. Eventually a more centralized system started to develop in Charlemagne's empire, from 768CE onwards. His empire was based on the fighting strength of the Franks. Their insatiable ambition, and fervent desire to expand Christendom led them to rule large parts of western Europe.

Eventually on Christamas day of 800CE, Charlemagne was crowned Roman emperor, the first one since the fall of Rome. An aggressive conqueror, wise politician, statesman and fortunate general, Charlemagne built and shaped his vast empire. Although the empire lasted only a generation after him the significance of this empire has lasted to modern times; it resulted in the Holy Roman Empire and the foundations of France and Germany.

Charlemagne’s sword, “Joyeuse”, is one of the most famous swords in the world. It is the coronation sword of French kings and the original is kept in the Louvre. According to tradition, the Joyeuse was Charlemagnes personal sword, and legend states that it was forged by the famous blacksmith Galas, and took three years to complete. The sword was described as having magical powers, having been so bright that it could outshine the sun and blind enemies in battle, and any person who wielded it could not be poisoned. One story tells of how Charlemagne once lost Joyeuse and promised a great reward to whoever found it. One of his knights returned it to the king who stuck it in the ground and declared the lands around that spot to belong to the knight, which is the origin of the French town of Joyeuse, founded on that spot and named in honor of the sword.

As with all ancient relics there are also claims that the original is much more recent, in this case 12th C. Whether the original in Louvre is the actual piece of Charlemagne or not we know that the Joyeuse was used to spread the ideals of a western civilization, Roman justice and -practices and the idea of European unity. Within a few centuries of his death Charlemagne was lifted to be the symbol of that unity, a legacy which still continues.

The stainless steel blade is easy to care for, and the sword is ideal as a decoration, as part of a costume, as a collectible and suitable for light cutting practice. The material is not suitable for steel-on-steel fencing or heavy cutting practice. No sheath included.

  • Overall length: 97.5 cm
  • Blade length: 80 cm
  • Handle+Pommel length: 16 cm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Width at Guard: 4.4 cm
  • Thickness at Guard: 5.2 mm
  • Blade material: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Sharpness: Unsharpened
  • Made by Marto (Toledo, Spain)
Ordering from you was easy and delivery was quick! thanks for the help when I needed it also.....
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Petri Laaksonen
Petri Laaksonen
Monipuolinen valikoima. Asiakaspalvelu ihan huippua!!
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Jyrki Koskinen
Paikkakunnalla ollessani ja keskiajasta kiinnostuneena täällä oli pakko käydä. Aivan upea ja todella monipuolinen kauppa! Ystävällinen ja mukava myyjä neitonen esitteli minulle Etelä -Tirolilaisen mallin mukaan taidokkaasti valmistettua kypärää, josta tein myös kaupat. Liikkeen omistaja ei myöskään säästänyt vaivojaan esitellessään minulle haarniskavarustuksen eri osia. Erittäin asiakaslähtöistä palvelua! On todella hienoa, että tällaisia erikoisliikkeitä maastamme vielä löytyy, tämäkin kuulemma ainoa laatuaan. On varmaa, että vierailen tässä liikkeessä toistekkin! Täältä löytää uskomattoman paljon myös koriste-esineiksi ja lahjoiksi sopivia tavaroita, joten suosittelen tätä kaikille sellaisiakin etsiville.
Robbin Henley
Robbin Henley
Customer service is like the good old days, real people, very efficient, very fair. And they have LOTS of amazing gear for sale. Cheers and thank you Rautaportti!!!
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