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Description of the Product

This is a reconstruction following an original from approx. 1370 CE. The original is displayed in the Valeria Museum, Sitten, Swizerland. This type of helmet evolved from the skull cap or cervelliere during the early 14th century. It's visor is attached with a hinge at the front center and is removable. It is therefore often called "klappvisor bascinet".

This helmet is handmade from 2 mm (1/13”) steel plate, riveted and welded. The fine workmanship insures high robustness and therefore best possible protection during battle reenactment. There is a comfortable, padded cloth liner. The brass rivets at the sides are for attachment of an aventail for chest and shoulders.

Manufacturer: Ulfberth. Specs can vary slightly from piece to piece.

Size max. Head circumference Inner distance from back- to forehead Inner distance from ear to ear Weight
S 58 cm 21 cm 18.5 cm 2.9 kg
M 61 cm 22.5 cm 20.5 cm 3 kg
L 64 cm 24 cm 21.5 cm 3.25 kg
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- Daniel Kohvakka

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