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Locally made high-quality handmade arrows that work perfectly with our Hedeby bow. These arrows can of course be used with any bow but the length and stiffness of the arrow is selected to work particularly well with our Viking Bow -Hedeby Bow.

The arrow shaft is made of pine. The arrowhead is threaded meaning that there are threads inside the tip that bite into the wooded shaft when installed. Threaded arrowheads grip on to the shaft very tightly and practically never come off even when you are pulling your arrows off from your target. The arrowhead weighs 100 grains.

These arrows have genuine turkey feathers. The feathers and nocks are tied off with silk thread. The wooden shafts have been lacquered twice and the arrows are also straightened. Each arrow stiffness is measured in order to maintain the homogeneity of the arrows. Uniformity is important so that each arrow flies the same way and an archer can begin to trust his/hers instincts and develop skills to become a more accurate shooter. All feathers are helical mounted for maximum stabilization in-flight for better accuracy.

  • Locally made high-quality wooden arrow
  • Pine shaft diameter 8 mm (5/16 ") and total length 72 cm (28.5")
  • The arrowhead is a field point suitable for target shooting. Field point arrowheads will stick to the foam archery targets without breaking them.
  • 10 cm (4 ") long natural turkey feathers in gray color
  • Made in length and stiffness to work optimally with Hedeby Bow (30-35 pounds). Each arrow has spine/stiffness measured.
The best of the best!!! I am very pleased, all products are beautiful and of good quality!!!!
- Robert Iulius

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