Knight Templar -Letter Opener


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Description of the Product

The Knights Templar was a medieval (1119-1307) religious organization. The most important mission of the Knight Templars was warfare and military power for Christian religion. Templars trained their own elite warriors, owned a private fleet of ships and their wealth grew very fast by donations, import and export and looting the Middle East. After losing the Holy Land to Muslims the wealth and power of Templars shifted to Europe and continued to grow until the King of France decided to take Templars down. The Templars were rich, declared to be above the laws of men and didn’t have any purpose or mission after the fall of Jerusalem. With the acceptance of the Pope in 1307 the Order of the Temple was disbanded, all Templars ordered to be captured and France, that was deep in debt, took possession of the wealth of the Templars.
This all metal letter opener is approx. 25cm long.

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